Moshidon, the material you mastodon client!

A fork of megalodon which is a fork of official Mastodon Android app adding important features that are missing in the official app and possibly won’t ever be implemented, such as the federated timeline, unlisted posting, bookmarks and an image description viewer.

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Key features

The ability to add other server’s local timeline to your timelines

It can be accessed in the “Edit timelines” menu, where you can add a new “Community” to see other server’s local posts!

View remote profiles

You can now see all of a profile follows and followers, by directly loading them from the profile’s home instance. In case of a failed lookup, the app will automatically fall back to the older method.

Translate posts easily

Allows you to easily translate posts in another language with a translate button! Your instance must support translation, otherwise it will not work.

Show posts filtered with a warning

Allows you to have filtered posts collapsed with a warning! As shown in the screenshots:

Before After
Screenshot_20230205-100200edited Screenshot_20230205-100203edited

Color themes

Allows you to change theme within the app. Supports Material You, purple, pink, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and Nord!

Unlisted posting

Allows you to post publicly without having your post show up in trends, hashtags or public timelines (i.e., in the tabs “Local”, “Community” and “Posts”).

When posting with Unlisted visibility, your posts will still be publicly accessible in your profile. They will also be shown in people’s Home timelines, but only if they follow you or someone they follow reposted/replied to your post.

The Mastodon documentation has some more information about Unlisted posting and Public timelines.

Federated timeline

This allows you to chronologically see all Public posts from people on all other Fediverse neighborhoods your home instance is connected to.

Despite being one of the main features of federated social media, the Federated timeline wasn’t included in the official Mastodon app – supposedly, because this conflicts with Google’s safety requirements for apps on the Play Store.

That’s one of the reasons why choosing a small, well-moderated instance is important. Instance admins and moderators should always make sure to ban abusive users and stop federating with instances who platform them. On well-moderated instances, the Federated timeline can be a welcoming place to meet new people!

Image description viewer

Allows you to quickly check whether an image or video has an alternative text attached to it.

This is important to ensure the content you’re sharing is as accessible as possible to people who can’t see the images and rely on software to read back the provided content descriptions. Thankfully, it’s quite common for people on the Fediverse to provide such alt texts, and hopefully things stay this way!

Reminder to add alt text to attached media

By default, Moshidon will show a warning to add alt text if your post has any attachments without any alt text. This is for better accessibility, and it can easily be bypassed and disabled in settings.

Pinning posts

This lets you can highlight important posts on your profile. A dedicated “Pinned” tab in people’s profiles shows all the posts they pinned.

On the Fediverse, it’s quite common for people to pin posts they want others to read before following them. You can pin/unpin posts yourself by clicking the button in the top right corner of your posts.


They allow for quickly saving posts and viewing them through the Bookmarks button on the top right of your profile.

To bookmark a post, press the button between the Favorite and Share buttons on the bottom of the post. Bookmarks are saved privately, so the post authors won’t know you saved their post – the list of bookmarked posts is only visible to you.


Press the download button above to download the APK. Open the downloaded file on your Android device to install it. Moshidon will automatically notify you about new updates inside the app.

To install this app on your Android device, download the latest release from GitHub and open it. You might have to accept installing APK files from your browser when trying to install it. You can also take a look at all releases on the Releases page.

Moshidon makes use of Mastodon for Android’s automatic update checker. Moshidon will check for new updates available on GitHub and offer to download and install them. You can also manually press “Check for updates” at the bottom of the settings page!

Moshidon is also available in IzzyOnDroid repo, compatible with all F-Droid clients. The APK provided here is the same as the one included in the Releases.

Release variants

Stable variant

All stable version downloads can be found on the Releases page.


Variant with an integrated updater. If you download Moshidon from here (and not from an app store), just download the regular moshidon.apk.

Nightly variant

All nightly builds can be downloaded at Nightly Releases page.


Unstable variant with an integrated updater. It’s for development and testing purposes. If you find any bugs with it, please file a bug report at our issues page.

Detailed changes





As this app is using Java 17 features, you need JDK 17 or newer to build it. Other than that, everything is pretty standard. You can either import the project into Android Studio and build it from there, or run the following command in the project directory:

./gradlew assembleRelease


This project is released under the GPL-3 License.


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